Team Members

Team Members

TSE Services provides marketing support to cooperatives throughout America. If you would like to find out how TSE Services can assist your cooperative build better relationships with your members, please contact us today! 

3400 Sumner Blvd.
Raleigh, NC 27616
Phone: (919) 872-0800 or (800) 662-8835
Fax: (919) 645-3410
Nelle Hotchkiss
Senior Vice President, Association Services
Tom Laing
Vice President, Research and Member Insights

Market Research

Scott Saff
Manager of Research Services
Ashley Seto
Research Analyst
Audrey Gould
Research Analyst
Laura Parker
Marketing Specialist
Gopika Malik
Data Analyst


Margaret Yelverton
Manager, Business Services
Claude Martin
Senior Analyst
Ying Chen
Load Research Analyst